A decentralized asset management and algo trading platform on Celo.

About Tradegen

Tradegen is a decentralized asset management platform where users can invest in actively-managed pools, build synthetic trading bots, create/trade various NFTs, and run nodes for maintaining trading bots. The platform is built on the Celo blockchain and uses TGEN, the platform’s utility token, to incentivize users.
Our vision is to create a community-owned platform where users have an opportunity to build wealth by monetizing their market insights. We are aiming to disrupt existing asset management platforms by introducing ‘build to earn’ features and building a novel protocol for synthetic trading bots. In the process, we also aim to boost the usage of whitelisted protocols on Celo, helping to create a positive-sum environment.
The core feature of Tradegen is ‘pools’, which act as decentralized hedge funds. They interact with whitelisted protocols on Celo, allowing investors to passively gain exposure to these protocols. Pool managers charge a performance fee that investors pay when withdrawing for a profit. Anyone can create, manage, or invest in a pool for free.
Tradegen will initially focus on pools and integrating other DeFi projects on Celo. After the first phase of development, we’ll focus more on developing synthetic trading bots and integrating ‘build to earn’ features. Some of the planned ‘build to earn’ features to accompany trading bots include, custom indicators/comparators, a marketplace for selling/renting trading bot NFTs, and a no-code strategy builder.
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